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long word for a long month!!   
07:03pm 31/07/2008

Sesquipedalian \ses-kwuh-puh-DAYL-yuhn\, adjective:

1. Given to or characterized by the use of long words.
2. Long and ponderous; having many syllables.
3. A long word.

wow, a long word for long words....i'm impressed!

07:08pm 21/07/2008


i think that i really kinda forgot  i even have a damned lj... however, i need to get back in the swing of it! i hope that i am not long forgotten! more to come. xo
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woot woot   
02:11am 21/10/2005

it is my birthday!!

yay!! gettin old never looked this good.......blahahahahaha




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12:56pm 11/10/2005
  The word 'revolution' is a word for which you kill, for which you die, for which you send the labouring masses to their death, but which does not possess any content.

Simone Weil

Some things are really necessaries of life in some circles , which in others are luxuries merely and in others still are entirely unknown.

Henry David Thoreau

One feels inclined to say that the intention that man should be 'happy' is not included in the plan of 'Creation'... We are so made that we can derive intense enjoyment only from a contrast and very little from a state of things.

Sigmund Freud

Common sense is the best distributed commodity in the world, for every man is convinced that he is well supplied with it.

Rene Descartes
hold onto yourself   
12:05pm 06/10/2005
  so lately i have been noticing something strange. so it seems that everyone iknow is or has lost a part of their idenity. i know it sounds silly but i feel it to be true. i mean i know that iknow who i am and what i like and dislike now. but damn how many years did it take me to get here. i dont think that i could just let it go so easily. lately i have spoken to some people that are married and they have no hobbies or things they like to do. so they are asking everyone esle, "what do you do when you are not talking to your husband or kids or taking care of them"? ok so iknow that mothers have their hands full, so i understand that. but these women were not always mothers, it seems to me that they would have something that they would enjoy doing in thier spare time, even though they may not be have alot of time to do it.

then another friend, with no children, told me that she feels since her and her boyfriend have been together(living)she has just lost a part of herself. i really hate to hear that kind of stuff. i mean this was a very strong woman, so sure of who she was. what is going on here? i realize that life changes us as people along the path, but this is damn ridiculous. the thing i guess that bothers me is that these women are really unhappy and dont know how to fix it. i want to help my friends whenever possible, but i dont know how to tell them to hold onto themselves. is co habitation possible with out actually having some sort of diminishing of personalities? or does that have absolutely nothing to do with it? could this happen to people with out the efforts of others? i have no clue.

i am sure that this happens to males too. i am not saying that women are the only ones effected, but they are the only ones who have spoken to me about this. i guess i just find itstrange, how a once so strong personality and spirit could be broken down to nearly nothing by either themselves, others around them, or the ones that they love.
03:26pm 04/10/2005

i am such a damn bum. i gotta get back into my work out routine. damn vacation through me off track. not that i have not been working out at all b/c i have just not as much as i was or that i would like. never to fear i am damn determined! not that far from my goal!  yay!!

and mel you ARE working out with me when i get home. i am gonna make you.... you know i have special powers over you! blahahahahahahahaha

 also i guess that i am so overwhelmed with things that i have to do, could be another reason. blah. damn i hate packing and moving. sucks ten ton ass.


03:05pm 04/10/2005
  Discontent, therefore, may be considered adaptive because it encourages the use of the imagination, and thus spurs men on to further conquests and to
ever-increasing mastery of the environment.

Anthony Storr

For the purposes of life and conduct, and society, a little good sense is surely better than all this genius, and a little good humour than this extreme sensibility.

David Hume

No philosophy, no religion, has ever brought so glad a message to the world as this good news of Atheism.

Annie Wood Besant
check out this bitch   
10:26pm 26/09/2005

so yeah my best friend is new to lj, some peeps need to befriend her. she is the  second most awesome chic in the world. haha. cause i got the number one spot. hahaha

aeolian82 so check this bitch out!!!

anyway she is my future roomie! not like we pretty much havent practically lived together before or anything. i miss her tons of bunches!!!! yay!  i cant wait to get to see her crazy ass. she is just as crazy as i am.  here is a few pics of her.....send her yo luv!!!!! word.



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07:56pm 22/09/2005
mood: mellow

so i have been seriously neglecting my this lj. i am sorry  i have been so sucked into myspace. i am addicted. it is not  my fault. gah. anyway dustin is leaving in november and i am moving home. great ole state of louisiana. i hope there is anything left after all the damn hurricanes ripping through there. i never thought that i would miss that place but after living here for about two years i am sooooo ready to get the hell outta here and move back there. but also at the same time i am really gonna be sad b/c dustin is gonna be gone for about a year. which really sucks but i knew that it was gonna happen sooner or later. all you can really do is keep your head up and hope for the best. ok enough of that.

damn hurricanes, i cant stop watchin cnn. between myspace and the news, i am just insane. well i was insane before but they are completly absorbing me. ahaha.

i know that there are some myspacers on here, check me out. i am a nerd and it is great come join me. lol.


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once again here we are...   
11:37am 21/09/2005
mood: calm

i want everyone who reads this to recommend a song or artist to me. one

that you like or just a song(artist) that you think that i might not heard

as of yet. or just an artist or song that you are in love with, that could include like

maybe your all time favorite or whatever.  you could just tell me anything you wanna

about music!


and so this isnt text only, here i am bein a sexy bitch. enjoy!

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a few i have been hanging on to...   
01:14pm 15/09/2005
  Death of old age is a rare, singular, and extraordinary death, and hence less
natural than the others; it is the last and ultimate sort of death; the farther it is from us, the less it is to be hoped for.

Michel de Montaigne

No evil can happen to a good man, either in life or after death.


The primary task of a useful teacher is to teach his students to recognize
'inconvenient' facts…

Max Weber

What a country calls its vital economic interests are not the things which
enable its citizens to live, but the things which enable it to make war.
Gasoline is much more likely than wheat to be a cause of international conflict.

Simone Weil
09:12am 10/08/2005
  If being sane is thinking there's something wrong with being different then I'd rather be completely fucking mental."

Angelina Jolie

There are, as is known, insects that die in the moment of fertilization. So it is with all joy: life's highest, most splendid moment of enjoyment is accompanied by death.

Soren Kierkegaard
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08:56pm 08/08/2005
  "My father warned me about men and booze, but he never mentioned a word about women and cocaine."- Tallulah Bankhead  
a few since it has been a while   
03:06pm 02/08/2005
  A woman does not want the truth; what is truth to women? From the beginning, nothing has been more alien, repugnant, and hostile to woman than the truth - her great art is the lie, her highest concern is mere appearance and beauty.

Friedrich Nietzsche

My only regret in life is that I'm not someone else.

Woody Allen

Once 'the religious hypothesis' is disengaged from the opportunity to inflict humiliation and pain on people who do not profess the correct creed, it loses interest for many people.

Richard Rorty

God may be understood to be similar to a lifeguard who sees a drowning child
and, although perfectly capable of saving the unfortunate waif, does nothing and lets her drown.

Peter Fosl
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08:16am 07/07/2005
  What can be added to the happiness of the man who is in health, who is out of
debt, and has a clear conscience?

Adam Smith

History is little else than a picture of human crimes and misfortunes.

Francois Voltaire
04:43pm 30/06/2005
  There are two sides to every question.

Protagoras of Adera

Look back at the eternity that passed before we were born, and mark how utterly it counts to us as nothing. This is a mirror that Nature holds up to us, in which we may see the time that shall be after we are dead. Is there anything terrifying in the sight--anything depressing--anything that is not more restful than the soundest sleep?

good times   
11:34pm 28/06/2005

so we had some out of town fun, with some of our friends family this past weekend. all i got to say is cristal bitches. here are some pics, i am a bit sunburned on my face, but still cute.

p.s. I love DustinCollapse )

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11:23pm 28/06/2005
  There is no such thing as society....There are individual men and women, and
there are families. And no government can do anything except through people, and people must look to themselves first.

Margaret Thatcher

Plato having defined man to be a two-legged, animal without feathers, Diogenes plucked a cock and brought it into the Academy, and said, 'This is Plato's man.' On which account this addition was made to the definition: 'With broad flat nails.'

Diogenes Laertius
the haps....   
01:22pm 16/06/2005
mood: silly

ok, so i am very aware that i a have been neglecting my lj these days, but with good reason..... i have become completely obsessed with myspace. well when i first got an account i didnt really even ever think about it. then after a while i started finding all of these people that knew from back home and i got overly excited and just began searching out my old pals from louisiana.

so if you are on myspace, you must add me!  do it damn it.


anyway as for my life, things are great. with the exception of dustin leaving sooner than later to war. which i am still trying to figure out how to deal with that fact. i guess that all you can do i make the best of the situation. i will be going to stay with my mother-in-love, so that will help tremedously. i am currently tan, and have red hair. needless to say i am cute. and so is dustin, his sleeve was almost finished but our friend that did them just went to korea. he will have it finished though, not like it has much more work to go until it is finished. as for my tattoos i will get mine finished in louisiana when i go home.

 another life alteration  starting next week is that i will not be consuming and animal products. yes, i am serious. NO ANIMALS. purely for reasons all my own, not because i feel that me not eating meat or animal products will change anything in the world, but,  however it will change many things in my body (hopefully mostly it will reflect in my weight also). so i guess that you could say for health reasons.  just so that i can see if consuming animal products is really as bad for you as they say. i have not been eating red meat for some time now, so that is not even and issue, the only thing that i will miss is cheese. oh, how i love cheese.

 as for at this moment i should be at work but you know i am taking what i like to call my personal day! hahaha 

also i have a confession to make........i like kelly clarkson.

so i will leave you with some cute pics of me and dustin 


sexy bitchesCollapse )

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09:35pm 30/05/2005
  Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.

John Dewey

We are mad, not only individually, but nationally. We check manslaughter and isolated murders; but what of war and the much vaunted crime of slaughtering whole peoples?